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Would You Like to Help with Our Fundraiser?


Did You Even Know We Are A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation?

If you’ve been around Rock ‘n’ More a while you probably remember our “Throwdown” Summer Fundraisers at which we have a full day of live music, a dinner, an auction, and a lot of really good people to get to know in support of our “Daniel Atteberry Tuition Assistance Program”. Believe it or not, we haven’t had one since 2019 so, really, you could have been around Rock ‘n’ More for a while and still not remember them. Time is weird.

If you know anything about events such as this, you probably know that the planning takes all year which means, if we want to do a fundraiser in August of 2024 it’s time to get started!

An event like this takes a lot of help from a lot of people. We would like to put together a Party Planning Committee so, if you are interested, please let us know by calling, emailing, leaving a message on this post, carrier pigeon, or handwritten letter. I would prefer a handwritten letter sent in the ol’ Pony Express but leaving a comment or message is probably best.

We also want to hear from you about suggestions for our fundraiser. As written above, it has historically consisted of two stages of live music from 4pm-10pm, drinks, dinner, and a silent auction. What are we missing? Anything we should get rid of? Should we change it completely? I don’t really like the name we’ve given it “The Throwdown”. I don’t think it really suits the event. Any other name ideas? Should it be Fundraisy McFundraiserton? Probably not.

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