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Music and math are highly intertwined. By understanding beat, rhythm, and scales, children are learning how to divide, create fractions, and recognize patterns. As kids get older, they'll start reciting songs, calling on their short-term memory and eventually their long-term memory.



Certain instruments, such as percussion, help people develop coordination and motor skills; they require movement of the hands, arms, and feet. String and keyboard instruments, like the guitar and piano, demand different actions from your right and left hands simultaneously.

Our qualified instructors can teach beginners to experts. Lessons are 30 minutes, once a week, at the same time and day each week.

We offer private lessons for:

  • Guitar

  • Voice

  • Electric Bass

  • Piano/Keyboards

  • Drums

  • Ukulele

  • Music production

  • & More!

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Lessons and

classes available
for kids and



Private, group, and applied music lessons offered in Maple Valley & Online


Rokology rock band classes for students of all ages

Rockology is a quarterly class for ALL AGES (kids and adults) where we put students together based on age and skill level. They meet for 6 one-hour rehearsals with our instructors over the course of 3 months. At the end of the quarter they perform the songs they've been working on at the big Rockcital which takes place at local venues such as the Chalet Theatre. We get anywhere from 150-300 people to the shows. Download the Syllabus:

Rockology Syllabus

Click here for more details

Benefits of playing with others

Rockology is a great way to apply what you are learning in your private lessons (you do not have to be enrolled in private lessons to join the Rockology program) and get to show off your skills! When you play with other musicians you jumpstart the learning process. All of a sudden you're not just focusing on what you're playing, you're now having to focus on what other people are playing too. 



Group classes require peer interaction and communication, which encourage teamwork. Whether a team is responsible for choosing songs, deciding how to play something, or creating a melody, students work toward a common goal.


"This is truly a one of a kind community venue!" - Jarred Hoffpauir

"Thank you, Dace and Carlos! Last night lil' Jack played "Happy Birthday" to his dad. Yeah Dace, it was plugged in and it was LOUD!"

- Donna Reyhons

"Thanks Dace's Rock 'n' More for making my husband, Mark Pohto a better blues player after just a couple of lessons! He was a great player before but he's totally upped his game!" - Victoria Pohto

"My kids are having a GREAT time doing drum and electric guitar lessons here. Thanks for making it a cool experience for them."

- Paul Dolan

"My son LOVES Rock 'n' More! He had hopped around from Music Center to Music Center, but ever since taking lessons and participating in the Rockology Bands, he has definitely found his home! He feels like part of something special here. - Kimberly S.

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