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"We love this place!" - Whitney D.


"Thanks Dace's Rock 'n' More for making my husband, Mark Pohto a better blues player after just a couple of lessons! He was a great player before but he's totally upped his game!" - Victoria Pohto


"My son LOVES Rock 'n' More! He had hopped around from Music Center to Music Center, but ever since taking lessons and participating in the Rockology Bands, he has definitely found his home! He feels like part of something special here. Dace, Arielle and the Music Instructors are gifted in working with young people and creating an atmosphere where they feel welcomed and empowered to try new things. My son has grown significantly in self confidence, musical ability and his passion for music and the arts. I'm proud to be a part and have my son be a part of this community of people investing in our Youth!" - Kim Shell


"My kids are having a GREAT time doing drum and electric guitar lessons here. Thanks for making it a cool experience for them." - Paul Dolan

"The instructor was very knowledgable, professional, and had a real talent for putting my child at ease. She learned quite a bit in the course of 4 lesons. I would highly recommend Dace's Rock 'N' More Music Academy" -Christina C.


"Rock 'n' More has been the best thing for my son Jake! He loves playing the drums! He has been a part of Rockology for awhile now and enjoys every minute of it! The patience of each instructor and the willingness to encourage each student is what youth these days needs! We are so happy to be apart of a place of business who is so involved with the communtity. If you get a chance, you should check them out!" - Rock 'n' More parent


"Good people with a good attitude!" - Wes A.

"Rock 'n' More is easily the coolest place around! I've been taking lessons for just over a year, and I love it! This place has really helped me come out of my shell. I used to be shy and found it difficult to even talk to new people, but now I can go on stage and play in front of a whole audience- no problem! All of the teachers are super awsome and they really help you improve your playing ability. If you want to get better at your music skills and become a rock star, this is definitely the place to go!" - Rock 'n' More student


"GREAT and knowledgeable people there, just wish it wasn't so far away for us!" - Francie H.


"Very Knowledgeable" - Josee C.


"If you're looking for music lessons but don't quite know where to go, then congratulations!! You're never ending search is over! Dace's Rock 'n' More is a great community resource. This non-profit organization gives guitar, bass, drum, piano, vocal, and even ukulele lessons with spectacular teachers who are encouraging and supportive of your skills. To top it all off, this place has band lessons, where you get to work in a group of other students around your age and skill level and play music like a real rock band! This place is the absolute best place to go for lessons of any kind and I highly recommend it to anyone aspiring to be a musician." - Riley H.

"Son loved his drum teacher and the drum lessons. We signed up for more lessons!" - Lorie B.


"My son has been taking drum lessons at Rock 'n'More for several years. He loves it. The best part is that he gets to use what he learns in lessons in a real rock band made of his peers with the same level of experience. They have performed at such places as Studio 7 and most recently The Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. They even performed at the Covington Days Fair this year. What a great experience for a 12 year old! We love Rock N More!" - Rock 'n' More parent


"Friendly and knowledgeable staff" - Gary B.

"Only one lesson so far, but the teacher was very positive, patient and experienced. We arrived ten minutes late and he gave us the full 1/2 hour as he had no appointment after us. We appreciated that." - Elaine C.


"Rock N More is awesome! It is a great place to learn about music, play in a band and have a ton of fun! Everyone there is creative and talented and is passionate about music. My son loves it and can now do vocals and play four different instruments!" - Rock 'n' More parent



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