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Join a band and learn how to rock!

Rockology band classes

What is Rockology?

Rockology is our longest running and most popular class. Every three months, since 2006, we have been putting people together in groups according to age, proficiency level, and the type of music they like, teaching them to put together a set of music, and then getting them onstage in front of hundreds of people for a performance.  

In this class, students will learn to: 

Apply what they’ve been learning in their lessons, increasing the opportunities to use -and not lose- the information and techniques. 

Learn to work in small, creative groups. This is a skill that most everybody will utilize throughout their personal and professional lives.   

Have fun. The students in the class will have the opportunity to be an important part of the decision-making process regarding song selection, band name, and musical arrangements along with the other band members and the instructors. Surprisingly, this one seems rather unique to Rock ‘n’ More. 

Every quarter of Rockology consists of: 


6 one-hour-long rehearsals with a rotating cast of our professional music instructors. 

A sweet gig at the end of the quarter. We usually have 10-15 bands and about 200-400 people in attendance. The shows are, of course, family friendly and because of the size of our audience, we generally have our shows in Enumclaw (at The Chalet Theatre) or in Tacoma (The Swiss closed down so we’re looking for another place.) 

A T-shirt with a cool design, band names, and band members’ names.

The tuition for the Rockology band class is $250 per quarter. Tuition assistance is available, contact us if payment is a problem. 


All of the instructors at Rock ‘n’ More have a good, working knowledge of all the instruments. They also specialize in one or two of them. We prefer to rotate bands to different days of the week throughout the quarter so that the “Rockologists” will receive the benefit of our different instructors’ specialties.  

We will do our best to work with each family to ensure that the rehearsal days and times work with everybody’s schedule. Please keep in mind that people are busy so this may not work out perfectly for everybody. Compromise and open mindedness in regard to scheduling is just as important as the notes being played by the students

guitarist singing onstage.jpg
students on stage.jpg


Who is this class for?
Ages 8-180. Beginners-advanced. 

What skill level do you have to be to join?
Students must have reached a certain proficiency on their instrument in order to qualify for the program. If you're in lessons at Rock 'n' More your instructor will tell us when you're ready to join a band. If you have a question about your readiness for the program ask your instructor and/or contact us.
  • Guitar players should be able to: read TAB, play basic chords in time and know their chord names, play power chords
  • Drummers should be able to: play a basic, steady 4/4 beat, read drum music
  • Vocalists should: know basic vocal technique (breath support, pitch, etc)
  • Bass players should be able to: read tab
  • Pianists should be able to: play chords in time and know their names, know the note names on the piano
Can I join if I don't take lessons at Rock 'n' More?
Yes as long as you have a way to learn the songs outside of the Rockology band classes whether that is from an instructor somewhere else, a parent at home, or teaching yourself the songs (for the more experienced musicians). It is not up to the Rockology instructors to give band students their individual parts for a song, that is up to the student to get outside of the Rockology band rehearsals.
I am not sure I can afford the program, can I still join?
Absolutely. Rock 'n' More is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and we collect donations throughout the year to support our Tuition Assistance program. We can also arrange a payment plan. Basically, if you want to join the program we will make sure that finances are not a hurdle. Always contact us if you'd like to join but need financial assistance.
I have a busy schedule, can you accommodate?
Most likely. The commitment for Rockology outside of at home individual practice time is just 6 one hour classes over the course of 3 months which breaks down to be about 1 practice every other week, sometimes they will be back to back. We offer practice dates most days of the week in the evening time. How it works is we will collect availability from everyone in the group and build a customized practice schedule based on each bandmate's practice availability. Once we get the full schedule approved by everyone in the band that will be your schedule for the rest of the quarter.

Have more questions? Contact us

rockcital audience 2.jpg
rockcital audience.jpg

Crowds at past Rockcitals at The Hard Rock Cafe (above) & Jazz Bones (below)

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