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Dace Anderson photo by Taylor Sims
Dace Anderson
(she/her) Founder/President
Guitar, Bass, Piano, & Rockology

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Guitar instruction for all levels and all styles with an emphasis on fundamentals, creativity, and fun.

It takes a lot of consistency to become proficient at most things. So, doing the things necessary to help students achieve the level of proficiency that will bring them their definition of success is Dace’s primary goal. Treating everyone as an individual, listening to them to find out what they want out of lessons, making sure everyone is feeling welcome, having fun, expressing who they are, practicing sound fundamentals, and finding a way to be successful every week are all vital parts of the overall goal of achieving the desired level of proficiency. 


  • Has been playing guitar, songwriting, singing, performing, and recording music for over 30 years. 

  • Has been teaching music professionally since 2001. 

  • Started Rock ‘n’ More in 2005 

  • Has two grown children (Olivia and Eric) who left quite a legacy of awesomeness through their years as participants of the Rockology class while they were growing up.  

  • Lives with Arielle and their dog Lemmy, cat Lydia, and 8 chickens Charo, Ruth Bader Chicken, Dwight, Sweet Baby Angel Marshmallow Princess, Dwigt, Michael Scarn, Michelle Obrahma, and Goldenface.  

  • Plays in an “Americana-Yacht Rock” band with Arielle called The Feels 

  • Was an extra in the movie Singles. 

  • Did a 24 hour “webathon” with Arielle as a Rock ‘n’ More fundraiser. Says Dace, “The number of classic-rock-era radio-style ‘stunts’ that we’ve done over the years is really fun to think about. The webathon, the ‘air band’ on the street corner asking passersby to help these people learn to play real instruments, pretending to have won a fake ‘King of Maple Valley Days’ contest. We’ve had a lot of fun. Still do!” 

  • Likes to garden. 

  • Has a side-business with Arielle growing and selling microgreens called Berrydale Microfarm. 

  • Makes wine with Arielle. 

  • Along with Arielle, was a mascot for the Rat City Roller Derby league for several years. 

  • Kan tale dansk (Can speak Danish) 

Arielle Young
(she/her) Vice President
Piano, Rockology, & Graphics

I think it’s important to give students all the tools to be able to do whatever it is they may want to do in the future with music.

Arielle Young (she/her) has been playing in bands for 16 years, teaching piano for almost ten years and is also an excellent guitarist, singer, and washboard player! Having been with Rock ‘n’ More since the beginning of the school’s existence, she is also the Vice-President, the COO and the very glue that holds Rock 'n' More together. She exudes the vibe of the school because she helped to create it and that is none more apparent than when she is teaching. It is important to Arielle that her students have fun playing piano and that they learn sound fundamentals. She meets students “where they’re at” and gives them the tools they need in order to be successful according to their own terms and gives her students a breadth of information that will help them in any musical -and many other life- endeavors. In Arielle's words, "I like to teach students the fundamentals like reading music and basic music theory as well as songs the students may want to learn (the “fun” stuff) so they can practice applying those fundamentals and stay engaged in their learning. I think it’s important to give students all the tools to be able to do whatever it is they may want to do in the future with music."


Arielle’s organizational skills and love of office supplies are such a vital part of Rock ‘n’ More that the music school wouldn’t exist without her. 

Arielle plays in an “Americana Yacht Rock” band with Dace called The Feels and, together, they have gotten up to many adventures including being mascots for the Rat City Roller Derby league, live-streaming a 24-hour “webathon” talent show/fundraiser, performing as an “air band” called Tig-air Blood and starting a “micro-farm” complete with chickens and weekly tents at the Maple Valley and Renton Farmer’s Market.  

Three seemingly random things about Arielle that give you an idea of her personality: She speaks Danish, took up woodworking and built her chickens the Taj Mahal of chicken coops, and named her dog Lemmy after the lead singer of the band Motorhead.

Allison Tulloss
Piano, Vocals, Flute, Ukulele, Recorder, Songwriting
(online only)

I really enjoy working with students to develop awareness of their body and breath, and at the same time, teaching them to let go of their fear and just sing

I was raised in a very musical household. Everyone knew how to sing and play the piano and some of my earliest memories are of sitting on the piano bench, plinking out melodies of the songs my parents could play. I studied piano privately through college. The way the piano is laid out neatly describes music theory as one learns to play in all twelve keys. To be able to see what notes to choose by understanding each scale, to be able to read music and apply it to the layout of the keyboard, and to have fun by digging into rich chords and rhythms. These are the fundamentals of my approach to learning to play the piano.


I decided I wanted to learn the flute because I love the sound. I went even farther in my flute studies than in piano, studying with many well-known flutists including Paul Taub (Cornish College), Jill Felber (UC Santa Barbara), and Robert Aitken (Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg, Germany).It is the study of breath control and embouchure development in flute playing that allowed me to transition into singing.


The voice is the most magical of instruments because it comes directly from your body and heart. And you get to say what's on your mind! I really enjoy working with students to develop awareness of their body and breath, and at the same time, teaching them to let go of their fear and just sing. It is often difficult to study ones voice because of shyness or fears of physical limitation. But getting to work with a student as they open up, build strength and find their voice is, to me, the most exciting part of teaching. I play in several local bands including Screens, The Harborrats, Undersea Passage, and Swampdweller.


Music saves lives!

Carlos Tulloss
Guitar, Bass, Recording
(online only)

Carlos has been teaching bass, guitar and Rockology at Rock ’n’ More since 2007

A Seattle transplant from the Windy City he grew up playing music in blues, garage and Midwestern hippie-rock bands before migrating to Eugene, OR to pursue musical studies. Since the mid nineties Carlos has played bass and toured in bands up and down the coast. During his twenty year journey living in L.A., Eugene, Olympia and Seattle, Carlos has performed, recorded and studied extensively with diverse and talented musicians from all over the world learning about life and music at every step. Besides teaching at Rock ’n’ More Carlos performs in several local bands (Screens, Stereo Sons, Undersea Passage, Afrocop) works as music producer and video editor and plays hockey whenever possible.


Carlos's approach to teaching music:

The fundamentals of music and learning an instrument are very important to a student, especially in the beginning of the process. But I believe that music is more than notes, beats, and theory. It is about communication, creativity and expression. It’s about exploration and personal growth. A tool to help us sharpen our concentration, focus our energy and process our emotions. It helps us to build connections and relationships and to see the world more deeply. Every student is different so my approach varies from person to person, but I try to help each student connect to these aspects of music while they are learning so that it becomes a part of who they are rather than something they do.

Alex Edit 3.jpg
Alex Jimenez
(he/him) Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Rockology, & Elementary School Classes

Alex has been teaching guitar, bass, ukulele, Rockology, and elementary classes at Rock 'n' More since 2014

A graduate from Tahoma High School, Alex was in the Pacific Northwest Honor Choir at PLU for four years, sang in the Tahoma Chamber Choir, and performed at the American Choral Director's Association regional conference. After graduating, he went on to study music and music theory at Green River College. Playing, gigging, recording, and producing in the greater Seattle area over the last decade, he has built a wide musical and performance vocaulary, ranging from heavy metal, to classic rock, to jazz, hardcore, and blues. A veteran of both radio and recording studios, he knows what makes a song tick, and loves to get into the nitty gritty details. An avid gearhead and experienced guitar tech, Alex knows the instrument inside and out, and is happy to share his expertise!

Andy Emery
Drums & Percussion

Andy teaches all skill levels and styles with a focus on Jazz, Rock, Blues, Funk, and Latin as well as hand percussion and auxiliary percussion. 

Andy has been playing music for 24 years, non-stop, no breaks. After graduating from Kentridge High School, Andy went on to Bellevue College, where he played in some of the top jazz bands and jazz choirs in the country. He has performed around the world including Peru, Prague, China, Toronto, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Miami, Washington DC, Los Angeles; as well as several US west coast tours playing jazz, blues, and rock. He has shared the stage with such artists as Marcy Playground, Unwritten Law, Marcus Printup, Bob McChesney, Jazz Ambassadors, Army Blues Band, Airmen of Note, Sara Gazarek, and other local and nationally known artists. He continues to be a sought after live, touring, and studio musician, playing well over 100 gigs last year alone.

Jon Rehwaldt
Guitar, Bass, Drums,
& Rockology

Jon’s focus with teaching is to help students find their voice and speak through their instrument. 

Also known as Hippie Jonny around the office, a name given to him by his Rock N More instructors as a teenager, Jon has been part of the Rock N More family for many years now. First as a student, then an instructor from 2015-2019. He has come back to teach guitar, bass, drum, and rockology classes with one goal: To ensure that the future generation of rock-doers are of the highest quality.


Jon studied music theory at Green River College, then graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle with a degree in Audio Production. Jon has worked in the Greater Seattle area recording, producing, running sound, and playing music; which even includes recording projects for fellow RnM teachers Carlos & Allison for their band Screens, and Dace & Arielle’s band The Feels. Oh, and you know those really awesome advertisements you hear in stores? Jon’s day job is voice-over editing and programming those in major stores around the world… you’ve probably heard his work before and immediately tuned it out.


Over the last few years Jon has focused on building his home recording studio as well as producing his own solo music project. He is an absolute gear and synth nerd, evening naming his cat Juno after his favorite 80s synthesizer.

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