Dace Anderson
Guitar, Bass, Piano, & Rockology


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Guitar instruction for all levels and all styles with an emphasis on fundamentals, creativity, and fun.

Dace has:

• Almost 30 years of guitar playing and songwriting experience

• Almost 20 years of performing and recording experience

• Over 10 years of teaching experience

• Several years of musical instrument retail experience

• A couple years of experience in guitar lesson software production experience


Besides presiding over the Board of Directors and running Rock ‘n’ More, Dace has written syndicated newspaper columns, created a film that was shown at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival, played Key Arena in Seattle, and is a mascot for a roller derby team.

Arielle Young
Vice President
Guitar, Piano, Rockology, & Graphics

Arielle's dynamic rock concert posters have been on display throughout Maple Valley, South King County, and Seattle for years. Her graphics also show up on screen printed tees - as well as taking on the form of the occasional bumper sticker

Arielle Young’s life is her art project. Aside from graphic design, Arielle, from Black Diamond, WA, dabbles in punk, blues, metal, traditional, and acoustic music; philanthropy, journalism, music education, and being a roller derby mascot.


She began creating concert posters for the benefit of the students at Dace’s Rock ‘n’ More Music Academy over 14 years ago and hasn’t been willing to give up the job since; nor has anyone wanted her to.


An early start, an eclectic, sometimes frantic creative streak, and an obsessive love of type face have combined to create some of the most eye-catching, colorful, and just flat-out cool poster and t shirt designs in the world.

Drew Cummings.jpg
Drew Cummings
Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Voice, & Rockology

Drew Cummings has been performing music locally for 18 years!

As a graduate of University of Washington’s Audio Engineering program, Drew spends much of his time recording and collaborating on local records with other artists. Throughout his career Drew has performed with a variety of talents across many different genres. Drew has a keen appreciation for musical equipment and is passionate about teaching students how to get the most from their gear! Drew is also a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with a wide array of knowledge spanning different aspects of music and performance. In his lessons, students will be challenged with fun, engaging material from the mechanics of playing an instrument to the knowledge of music theory and its practice. Drew believes the best way to teach students is to lead them to discover their own sense of creativity and help them develop their innate talents!

Phil Bowden

Phil Bowden is one of the nicest and most professional guys I've ever met. I can always tell when I'm teaching one of Phil's students in our rock band class. They're the one's that I can talk to on a musical level without having to worry that they don't know what I mean. The one's with the well- taught technique that allows their own personal style to come through. Phil's students not only have fun with him but they learn to play in a way that will give them the best chance for whatever amount of success they may strive for.

Phil has a degree in Music Performance that he earned from Central Washington University in 1991 and has been teaching and performing professionally every since. Phil Bowden has been working as a professional performer and instructor in the Seattle area since 1992. He has experience performing and teaching many different styles of music including rock, jazz, latin, blues, funk, and orchestral percussion. Phil has also studied privately under many different instructors, including Mike Gerdes, Mark Mattingly, Walt Hampton, Steve Smith (Seattle Drum School), Dr. Andrew Spencer (CWU), Professor Tom Collier(UW), Michael Crusoe (UW/Seattle Symphony), and Bruce Becker.

Jacqui Sandor.jpg
Jacqui Sandor
Piano, Voice, Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass, & Elementary School Classes

Jacqui has been teaching private lessons for over 15 years and has been a musician for going on 20 years now.

She absolutely thrives on teaching and sharing her love of music with the next generation of musicians.  She feels that it is very important to treat each student as a potential colleague.  


She has led private lessons and directed groups in sizes ranging from 1 student to full orchestras, even taking conducting classes on a post-graduate level, and has taught general music, orchestra, and choir in school classrooms. Her time as a student and full-time musician in New Orleans have taught her many aspects of the musical world. She started off playing classical music, has studied jazz (couldn't avoid it in New Orleans!), and has toured the country playing folk music and singing her own songs.


Doug Port
Drums, Piano, & Rockology

Doug teaches a range of drumming styles including Jazz, Funk, Cuban and Rock and Roll

Doug Port is a Seattle base drummer that has toured around the world in a variety of music and theatrical productions. He has toured with the San Fransisco Mime troupe, Eric McFadden Trio with Bernie worell, Paul Schaffer, Malo, Lord Loves a Working Man and is currently with Seattles' Screens, and Under Sea Passage. He has performed with members of Galactic, The Stooges, Digital Under Ground, Del the Funky Homo Sapien, Primus, Cake, and many others. He has taught a range of drumming styles including Jazz, Funk, Cuban and Rock and Roll. Doug works with his students on many aspects of drumming but more importantly the importance of supporting and expressing musical ideas to elevate and enhance the human experience through music



Allison Tulloss
Piano, Vocals, Flute, Ukulele, Recorder, Songwriting

I really enjoy working with students to develop awareness of their body and breath, and at the same time, teaching them to let go of their fear and just sing

I was raised in a very musical household. Everyone knew how to sing and play the piano and some of my earliest memories are of sitting on the piano bench, plinking out melodies of the songs my parents could play. I studied piano privately through college. The way the piano is laid out neatly describes music theory as one learns to play in all twelve keys. To be able to see what notes to choose by understanding each scale, to be able to read music and apply it to the layout of the keyboard, and to have fun by digging into rich chords and rhythms. These are the fundamentals of my approach to learning to play the piano.


I decided I wanted to learn the flute because I love the sound. I went even farther in my flute studies than in piano, studying with many well-known flutists including Paul Taub (Cornish College), Jill Felber (UC Santa Barbara), and Robert Aitken (Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg, Germany).It is the study of breath control and embouchure development in flute playing that allowed me to transition into singing.


The voice is the most magical of instruments because it comes directly from your body and heart. And you get to say what's on your mind! I really enjoy working with students to develop awareness of their body and breath, and at the same time, teaching them to let go of their fear and just sing. It is often difficult to study ones voice because of shyness or fears of physical limitation. But getting to work with a student as they open up, build strength and find their voice is, to me, the most exciting part of teaching. I play in several local bands including Screens, The Harborrats, Undersea Passage, and Swampdweller.


Music saves lives!

Carlos Tulloss
Guitar, Bass, Rockology, Recording

Carlos has been teaching bass, guitar and Rockology at Rock’n’more since 2007

A Seattle transplant from the Windy City he grew up playing music in blues, garage and Midwestern hippie-rock bands before migrating to Eugene, OR to pursue musical studies. Since the mid nineties Carlos has played bass and toured in bands up and down the coast. During his twenty year journey living in L.A., Eugene, Olympia and Seattle, Carlos has performed, recorded and studied extensively with diverse and talented musicians from all over the world learning about life and music at every step. Besides teaching at Rock ’n’ More Carlos performs in several local bands (Screens, Stereo Sons, Undersea Passage, Afrocop) works as music producer and video editor and plays hockey whenever possible.


Carlos's approach to teaching music:

The fundamentals of music and learning an instrument are very important to a student, especially in the beginning of the process. But I believe that music is more than notes, beats, and theory. It is about communication, creativity and expression. It’s about exploration and personal growth. A tool to help us sharpen our concentration, focus our energy and process our emotions. It helps us to build connections and relationships and to see the world more deeply. Every student is different so my approach varies from person to person, but I try to help each student connect to these aspects of music while they are learning so that it becomes a part of who they are rather than something they do.

Alex Jimenez
Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Rockology, & Elementary School Classes

Alex has spent the last 6 years obsessively devoted to guitar playing, music theory, and choral music.

Alex has been involved in local choir programs since the eighth grade, and most recently performed at the regional Northwest American Choral Directors' Association Conference at Town Hall in Seattle.  Bands he's been in have been contracted by the University of Washington and the Tahoma School District.  As well as performing in bands all around Maple Valley and the greater Seattle area, he is also a recording musician, producer, and independent solo artist.

Brad Gibson

In lessons with the student, I seek to inspire a command of snare and drum set through reading, technical exercises and transcribing music directly from audio.  Focus is placed on the fundamentals in a manner that is tailored to the individual student and which includes language/repertoire, tone control, and posture.

My teaching style does not rely on a set curriculum.  I prefer instead to allow the student space in which they can explore the many facets of music.  Music, while rich in tradition is also a personal practice.  I believe that relying on a flexible, situation-based curriculum allows room for the individual student to explore and experiment within the tradition.

My intention is to guide and enable the student’s innate curiosity and desire to learn in a manner that will serve them for years to come.  As such, progress greatly depends on the student’s willingness to practice.  Drumming is a holistic discipline, requiring great commitment, and which ultimately incorporates both intellect and body.

Thomas Gurnard
Guitar, Bass, Piano,
Ukulele, & Rockology

Thomas Gurnard, Instructor of guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, Rockology 

Thomas began taking guitar lessons from Dace at the age of 11. The band he was in throughout his high school days, Garage 83, is legendary in the annals of Rockcital lore. His interest in different kinds of music from Folk music to “Hair Metal” has led him to various other experiences and adventures including the role of bass player/ background vocalist on the Sealth album “Vaguely Familiar”.  He is also a graduate of Montana State University. All of these experiences and others have coalesced into a teaching style that balances attention between sound fundamentals and having fun playing music. According to Thomas, “It’s important to learn the fundamentals and mix those with the kind of music that makes you want to play everyday.”