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Online group classes with Rock 'n' More through Zoom - Welcome to the future!


Songwriting with Dace!

We're excited to announce another pay-what-you-can class with Dace! This class is offered for kids/adults ages 13+ and will be offered on Zoom to start but we'll do hybrid and/or in-person if it becomes possible. More info and registration below.


For Adults and Youth ages 13+
Thursdays | 6-8 PM | 7 WEEKS: 1/21/21-3/11/21 (No class: 2/18)

Led by Dace's Rock 'n' More Music Academy Founder, Dace Anderson, this series will have students completely deconstruct songwriting to it's most basic elements and examine the parts so that they will be empowered to create songs any way they see fit. Students will learn about and get tips from famous songwriters from Mozart to Lizzo and practice using the tricks and tools of the trade. This class is suitable for people aged 13 years and up with some amount of musical proficiency on an instrument. 


 Scholarships and tuition assistance are available, contact for more info. 


It'll probably start on Zoom but we'll do hybrid and/or in-person if it becomes possible 

Register here

  • Date: Thursdays 1/21/21-3/11/21 (no class on 2/18)

  • Time: 6:00 PM -8:00 PM

  • Location: Online via Zoom to start

  • Suggested price of $100 

    • It's okay to pay less for any reason. Any amount over $100 will be considered a donation. 

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