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Rock 'n' More Awarded 4Culture Sustained Support Grant

In 2022 Rock 'n' More submitted a grant request to 4Culture for their Sustained Support Grant. This grant is for non-profit businesses to use for a number of different purposes. Rock 'n' More uses the grant money to help offset business expenses and it helps us to continue to provide our public benefit programs. The following is our statement of what our intended public benefit would be in 2023 which was written and submitted in 2022 and our progress report/final evaluation of how we did in 2023 which was written and submitted on January 17th 2024. As per 4Culture, we will be awarded $6000 as reimbursement for expenses incurred in 2023.

A big, huge thank you to 4Culture for being a huge help to cultural organizations around the area. 4Culture's support has been a huge factor in the success and longevity of Rock 'n' More.

Public Benefit Projection. Written in 2022 about 2023.

Besides our quarterly “Rockcitals”, Rock ‘n’ More is the Entertainment Director for Maple Valley Days and The Maple Valley Farmers Market. Between these three things, we produce over 30 days of free musical programming with over 70 acts for tens of thousands of people every year. In most years there are even more events and possibilities for students and other artists from around King County. In the past, additional opportunities have included performing and/or being interviewed on the radio and television among other things.

We have always provided tuition assistance to everyone who has needed it and we’ve never turned anyone down or away. Most years we have given over $10,000 in tuition assistance.

It has become well-known and quite obvious that we are supportive of LGBTQ people. Besides the Pride flags on the inside and outside of our school, Rock ‘n’ More is run by an openly transgender woman. Here in South King County, it is strikingly obvious that LGBTQ kids need more support, and we are currently pivoting our business model to include a significant amount of outreach in that regard. Currently, we are in the beginning stages of providing support and services for LGBTQ youth in schools and libraries.

Progress Report/Final Evaluation

In many ways, 2023 was the rebound year that we were hoping it would be. We partnered with The Maple Valley Farmer's Market, Maple Valley Days, The Maple Valley Community Center, The Skylark Cafe in Seattle, The Chalet Theatre in Enumclaw, and Real Art Tacoma to produce over 30 days of free-to-the-public musical performances for tens of thousands of people. We made our goal to complete all four quarters of our performance-based "Rockology" class in which enrollment fluctuated in a very predictable manner throughout the year and ultimately increased by the end of the year. A very welcome change from the previous three years. Our enrollment

for private lessons steadily increased throughout the year, as well, to 144 people by year’s end. 


The number of people utilizing our tuition assistance plan was historically low at the beginning of 2023. We think it was because interacting with the community changed so drastically during the pandemic. Our ability to fully and consistently reconnect with the community in 2023 -after almost three years apart- allowed us to increase public awareness of our tuition assistance program which has increased participation in the program. 


In 2023 Rock ‘n’ More began relationships with GLSEN and school GSAs as part of our outreach to the LGBTQ community. This program is in its infancy but Rock ‘n’ More has always been a safe space and is committed to doing everything we can to provide affirming community and music education for marginalized groups in our area. 


2023 was the bounce back year we had hoped it would be. Its consistency allowed us the opportunity to reorganize our business and really determine what was going well and what needed work. We think we were able to identify both of those things and have made plans accordingly.  

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