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Music Theory 101 (ages 11-14)




5 Weeks

Music Theory 101 (ages 11-14)

This is a great supplement to Rockology class whether you play guitar, bass, drums, piano, or sing. Learn the basics of how music works and learn to better communicate with other musicians.



The Rock 'n' More Loft (across the parking lot from
Rock 'n' More's main studio space)
23220 Maple Valley Black Diamond RD SE
Maple Valley, WA 98038




5:00-5:50 PM

May 10th-June 14th, 2024 (No class 6/7)

Space is limited! Reserve your spot today and register now:


Your Instructor

Dace Anderson


It takes a lot of consistency to become proficient at most things. So, doing the things necessary to help students achieve the level of proficiency that will bring them their definition of success is Dace’s primary goal. Treating everyone as an individual, listening to them to find out what they want out of lessons, making sure everyone is feeling welcome, having fun, expressing who they are, practicing sound fundamentals, and finding a way to be successful every week are all vital parts of the overall goal of achieving the desired level of proficiency.

Has been playing guitar, songwriting, singing, performing, and recording music for over 30 years.
Has been teaching music professionally since 2001.
Started Rock ‘n’ More in 2005
Has two grown children (Olivia and Eric) who left quite a legacy of awesomeness through their years as participants of the Rockology class while they were growing up.
Lives with Arielle and their dog Lemmy, cat Lydia, and 8 chickens Charo, Ruth Bader Chicken, Dwight, Sweet Baby Angel Marshmallow Princess, Dwigt, Michael Scarn, Michelle Obrahma, and Goldenface.
Plays in an “Americana-Yacht Rock” band with Arielle called The Feels
Was an extra in the movie Singles.
Did a 24 hour “webathon” with Arielle as a Rock ‘n’ More fundraiser. Says Dace, “The number of classic-rock-era radio-style ‘stunts’ that we’ve done over the years is really fun to think about. The webathon, the ‘air band’ on the street corner asking passersby to help these people learn to play real instruments, pretending to have won a fake ‘King of Maple Valley Days’ contest. We’ve had a lot of fun. Still do!”
Likes to garden.
Has a side-business with Arielle growing and selling microgreens called Berrydale Microfarm.
Makes wine with Arielle.
Along with Arielle, was a mascot for the Rat City Roller Derby league for several years.
Kan tale dansk (Can speak Danish)

Dace Anderson
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