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Electric Guitar Drive

Rock 'n' More needs electric guitars!

We are hoping to acquire 10-15 working or near working electric guitars in the next month or so in order to expand our elementary school guitar classes.


If you have an electric guitar that you would like to donate for the purpose of inspiring the next generation of rockers please consider doing so this month. We are a 501(c)(3) so your donation is tax deductible.


Here's what we'll do with them:


Last school year we started teaching before and after school guitar classes in a few elementary schools and since then it has become very popular. There are more schools now who want us to bring our class to them than we have guitars and teachers. We are currently training two more teachers to help out but now we need more guitars.


The class is meant to inspire 2nd-5th grade students to play guitar so we don't require that they own one in order to take the class. We bring the guitars to each class and teach them to play and respect the instruments. We have 11 guitars right now that we take to each class but we'll need another set of 11 (give or take) so that we can do two classes at two places at the same time.


If you have a guitar to donate please contact us at or by phone 425-413-2165

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